The radiator is used to help the engine cool down so it can operate without overheating. It cools the radiator fluid the goes through the engine where it is heated up. As it travels back to the radiator the heat is transfers to the metal fins and air, as the fan blows over it. A … Continued

A/C Compressor

The air that is blown inside your car’s cabin can be cold. The A/C compressor is at the heart of this process. It compresses refrigerant, so the refrigerant can change from a gas to a liquid. When it’s a gas it can absorb heat making the air cold as it blows over it. The AC … Continued


An average car will have four to six pistons in the engine. Pistons move when an explosion of gas occurs in the combustion chamber. As the pistons move, they turn the crank shaft, helping the car to deliver power to the tires, so the car can move. The speed of the engine is directly proportional … Continued

Engine Fan

Fans are know for being very reliable. Your car’s fan cools the radiator (with antifreeze inside) and condenser (with refrigerant inside). This helps the engine and AC system maintain the proper operating temperatures. To maintain the fan, check for anything that could block the fan. The engine fan can blown particles into the fins of … Continued

Car Jack

A car jack is a simple device that helps to lift the car, when you need to change a tire. There are many types of car jacks that can lift lighter or heavier cars. You car should have an emergency car jack included. Some car jacks are mechanical and some are hydraulic. A hydraulic car … Continued

Spare Tire

The spare tire is an important part of driving a car. It provides peace of mind and the ability to drive your car until you get your flat tire fixed. This safety precautionary will help in case your car tire runs flat. Whether you do it yourself or have someone help you, changing your tires … Continued


The transmission is how the car changes gears. It allows a car to climb up steep hills and move quickly. Sometimes it is called the gear box. The transmission helps to transfer the energy from the engine to the wheel axle, where energy is applied to the wheels of the car. Most cars have an … Continued


The clutch is a mechanism that helps to transfer power from the engine to the transmission. In a manual transmission car, also known as a stick shift, the clutch is operated by the clutch pedal. The clutch pedal is located on the left side of the other two pedals. When you step on the clutch, … Continued

Shock Absorbers

A shock absorber is a device used to dampen the bumps and rough spots in the road. There are various types including pneumatic (gas filled), magnetic, hydraulic (liquid filled), and some also add springs. The shock absorber will absorb the vibrations caused while driving. When a car is in motion, you can feel the vibration … Continued

Air Filter

There are generally two types of air filters in your car. The first kind of air filter is for the engine of your a car. The other air filter cleans the air coming into the cabin, so passengers have clean air. The engine needs air for combustion, and it is drawn through the filter into … Continued

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